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Reach 500 Million Playlist Listeners And 40,000+ Radio Stations


  • RadioAMP: Radio Airplay & Radio Reports
  • Radio and Radio Apps for your fans to listen to your track live on air
  • Radio Plugging Solution - Radio Plugging with Reports (save time sending emails and look professional when sending out tracks to radio stations)
  • Digital Radio Scanner - Track your radio plays & earning reports: 160+ countries & 40,000+ radio stations
  • Free access to Radio Apps on iOS, Android & Amazon Echo - no subscription fees for you or your SuperFans
  • Radio Interviews
  • MusicAMP: A&R Stats and Self-Promotion
  • Distribute - Track your Sales & Earning Reports: 160+ Countries & 220+ DSPs & Social Media Platforms
  • Playlist Self-Promotion - start with 8,000 curated playlists & up to 2m plus free tools & reporting stats
  • Market directly via your own Store (Merch, Vinyl, Tickets & Tours)
  • Graphically Track & Analyse, KPIs & Metrics (Radio, Distribution*, Playlist, Social Media & Sales/Royalty Reporting)

  • *even if you distributed via a 3rd party
  • SuperFanAMP: Build Your SuperFans, Connect & Sell Direct
  • Artist SuperFan Website (Discography, DSP Links, Social Media Accounts, Streaming Platforms, Unique URL, Press & Your Own Store)
  • Link Amplifier
  • Artist QR Code Digital SuperFan Builder
  • BigtimeAMP Fan VIP Lounge
  • Bi-Directional Fan<>Artists Communication & Social Media & Playlist Tracking
  • Live Performance Funnel Fan Builder (Festivals, Gigs, Tours & Events)
  • FanzAMP: Social Music Platform
  • Fan Dashboard & MusicHub
  • Fans engage directly with favourite artists
  • All social media platforms
  • Follow any artist with a Spotify presence
  • Access to your VIP Lounge
  • Exclusive access to artist offers & merch
  • FestivalAMP: Live Festival Solutions
  • Global search tool to find gigs/festivals
  • Mobile-friendly festival solutions for fans to find and follow you
  • FanGrowth - Automatic QR Code fan invite to your VIP Lounge
  • FanTracker - engage directly with VIP fans who have posted on social media
  • Festival Music Lineup Solution
  • Personal QR Code solution for SuperFan engagement
  • DistAMP: Free Unlimited Music Distribution
  • Fast distribution to 220+ DSPs
  • Sales & Royalty reporting
  • Analytics & Insights for each DSP
  • Total control from within your Dashboard
  • ToolAMP: Dashboard Tools & Services
  • AI Artist Dashboard Tools
  • AI Album Artwork & content generator
  • Music Industry global search tool
  • CareerAMP: Education & Music Protection
  • Education & Development - 1 to 1 Coaching
  • 19 industry templates to protect you & your music:
  • Producer, publishing, band, audiovisual protection
  • Income booster - up to 30% referral revenue

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BigtimeAMP: Your All-in-One Revolutionary Major Music Business Solution in a Box. Created by Artists, for Artists. Become a Major Player with Our Digital Music Solutions!

Take control of your music career with BigtimeAMP, the first real-time platform for independent artists. Access data-driven KPIs, AI insights, and industry search tools to self-manage, promote, protect, and increase your revenue. Focus on your creativity while we simplify the complex aspects of your career. Join BigtimeAMP and succeed in the highly competitive music industry.

We are a vibrant Entertainment and Technology Group, having built our own "BIGTIME GLOBAL" digital solution platform to help and guide all genres of creative talents in the industry.

Our founder left the “big tech” corporate world to follow his dreams in the music industry as an independent artist and threw himself into every aspect of writing, singing, playing, creating, producing (music & video), editing, copyrighting, distributing and going to market with his music. This provided him with first-hand insight into the numerous pitfalls and complexities which the independent artist faces, and his eye-opening journey, combined with his wealth of experience as a technology consultant, gave birth to Bigtime Global: Bigtime Radio, TV & Entertainment Group in which we have spent 5 years building our technologies, products and services as well as a team of experienced and like-minded individuals - all to help YOU the artist!

We believe we know exactly what is required for artists to be lifted, supported and assisted in their careers, and we empower creative talent to have a voice, be heard and enjoy a safer road map for their future so they have the opportunity to be seen and to be taken seriously. Unlike other companies promising the earth but ultimately turning out to have abandoned you further down the line, we want to be there for you throughout your journey.

Our aim is always to support and empower you with the highest level of professional service at an affordable value and our proven technology solutions provide a fresh approach with new ideas, better customer experience, faster support, and better artist reporting tools and products. This provides you with new high-tech ways of engaging your music in the entertainment industry and across social media platforms. Typically this is a rare combination, as many artists and businesses in the industry are often artistic rather than technical and/or business savvy, and ultimately lose out on the monetisation of their own/clients’ gifts, hard work and talents. Ultimately, you can enjoy more transparency, support and monetisation than offered elsewhere.

We can also help you to solve unfair and complex legal issues such as IP and copyrights, and overcome general business and industry challenges. We offer a wealth of first-class consultancy and guidance and work alongside many of the best legal and industry experts in the world. Together, we continue to help our clients solve all types of challenges in areas often overlooked by artists and their supporting teams.

We will continue to build new and better tools to make artists’ lives easier while extending our offerings into DIY music distribution and we constantly strive towards a fresh new industry model borne out of our own experiences and technological insights.

Bigtime is the perfect marriage between technology and personal music industry experiences!

Our Experience

Our passionate founders are technologists and artists by nature with years of experience working within the top 10 technology companies in the world and having personally assisted start-up companies to launch successfully into the entertainment industry.

We have also been featured in various media publications from Wired magazine to IBM and Oracle publications, showcasing examples of cutting edge technology, and our founder was recently interviewed for the European Broadcasting Union’s “Radio World” publication. Furthermore, our consultative work with our clients has been referenced in magazines such as People and Metro in areas that we're passionate about, and so much more is yet to come.

Our teams have referenceabilty and a proven track record in music, TV, broadcasting, film/video production, distribution, agency work, technologies and technical solutions, promotions and radio plugging.

At Bigtime, we have felt the pitfalls personally, so we can truly say we care and feel that this alone makes a huge difference!

Of course, failing along the way ourselves, and knowing how this feels, has certainly been a huge inspiration for us to play our part in helping change the industry and has ultimately driven us to build our solutions.


New Artist Recruitment

A&R Development

Music Publishing

Copyright Enforcement



Stock Management

Sync Licensing

Rights Management

Reporting (sales & analytics)


Music Sales

Album & CD Sales

DSP Promotions



Supporting Artist Royalties Under Licence



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Single and Monetised
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Standard Full Album
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Monetised Full Album


Our BIGTIME brands, clients and ethos are passionate about changing lives forever

Artists love what we're doing!

"I had to get my copyrights back, learn how royalties worked, learn how publishing works, and I did that because I met BigTime Radio!"

Jen Lilley, Recording Artist & Hollywood Actress

Watch Jen's BIGTIME Testimonial!

"After 8 years touring with Nelly Furtado and even opening for her on occasion, I launched my own music career and have been on Radio, Film and TV Shows.. I'm stoked that everything I need to move forward with my career is under one umbrella with BigtimeAMP."

Celia Palli, Recording Artist & Songwriter

Watch Celia's Testimonial

"Hi I'm J-2-3, I've been an Artist in the USA for over 10 years. I've worked with the likes of Rich YounglordKay Franklin  and others within the A&R side of the business. Big Time Global has strengthened my knowledge and awareness, they’ve given me an Artist home for the first time in my career. I feel very secure and empowered within the music business as a creator with Big Time Radio."

JXXIII, Recording Artist & Songwriter

Watch JXXIII's Testimonial

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